20170401 3 HGE15

New ways in regenerative power-plants and power distribution requires new solutions for development and testing.

The HGE15 offers individual entry interfaces for direct integration into design and valdation processes.

From the FPGA firmware development, through the automated measurement and qualification up to the PLC visualization level, an easy access is possible.

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Special tailored Systems

You need a specific tailored testing system or device? We design and manufacture to your specification at the highest quality level. We support you in design and planning, through the manufacturing process and even for training needs. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We will support you also in the post-sales periode and will take care to to fullfil your needs.

Polyfunctional GRID Emulation

Modern power grids are subject to continous, technological change. These smart grids are increasingly more important. Because the active power control is shifted to all network levels. Here there is a high demand on frequency and voltage stability. Particularly for the development high dynamic and flexible conditions are neccessary. The polyfunctional grid emulators (HGE15) offer an enormous flexibility and possibilities.


AC sources are used in the development and testing of electrical equipment and systems are used. Ensuring stable power and signal forms in the foreground. By adapting frequency and amplitude it is possible to map various networks. 1-phase or 3-phase networks, both static and dynamic progressions can be programmed. Learn more about the AC sources.


Electronic AC loads are used for single-phase (230VAC) and three-phase (400VAC) applications. Typical applications are testing of transformers and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). On request AC loads with recycling to the GRID is possible.


DC sources are used in laboratories, research instituts and in all kinds of industrial applications. In on-board electrical systems they are replacing batteries, provide a stabilized voltage or fullfil functions in automotive testin applications. High power, high current sources are suitable for electroplating processes. Special control structures allow the use in complex applications such as plasma technolog.



In the charging technology, a safe and stable supply is required. Batteries have to be protected. Robust design and low ripple, high current with stable voltage. Controllers protect the loading procedure and give long-term industrial use.


Elektronische DC-Lasten ersetzen elektrische Verbraucher, um elektronische Schaltungen und Quellen zu belasten. In verschiedensten Applikationen wie der Prüfung von Netz- und Steuergeräten, Batterien, Brennstoff- und Solarzellen, Generatoren eingesetzt, nehmen die Lasten elektrische Energie auf, setzen diese in Wärmeenergie um oder speisen sie effizient in das Versorgungsnetz zurück.

DC-Source-Sink / Batterysimulation

Electronic DC loads replace electric consumers to load electronic circuits and sources . Used in various applications such as the inspection of power and control devices , batteries , fuel and solar cells , generators, loads take electrical energy , convert them into heat energy , or dine efficiently back into the supply network.

Ground Power Unit

Ground Power Units are mobile and stationary plants to supply the electrical system of aircraft and support . Whether permanently installed on helicopters or mobile platforms in high-performance lithium -ion technology . With our devices succeed all avionics test and each startup - even under difficult conditions .


To determine the operation and in the development of electronic equipment on AC networks voltage and frequency quality , power analyzers are used . Parameters such as the " Total Harmonic Distortion ( THD ) " the crest factor , reactive and apparent power are recorded , analyzed and documented.